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After-School and Family Enrichment Programs

WHOLE ME  Enrichment Programs provide activities that focus on enhancing everyday interaction, literacy and daily living skills. In order to help families understand their child's unique communication needs we provide a variety of opportunities for communication and interaction. By building upon both individual and family strengths WHOLE ME works with families as they begin to create a plan for their child's future.

Our front-line staff is comprised of Deaf professionals, parent volunteers and students from Onondaga Community College and Keuka College majoring in American Sign Language and/or Interpreting Programs.

​WHOLE ME Enrichment Programs are a wonderful way for deaf/hard of hearing children, along with their siblings, parents and children of Deaf Adults (CODA's) to enhance their communication skills, exchange news, share ideas, create friendships, socialize and have a great time!

WHOLE ME offers fun-filled events that promote quality time for individuals and families year-round! To participate or for more information contact us at:!  

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After School and Family Enrichment Programs
Educational Advocacy
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Educational Advocacy

Parents will always be a child’s first and most important teacher. Although they play a critical role in their child's educational success it can be an overwhelming process, especially if you are not sure where to start.

WHOLE ME provides information, support, and referrals to families and students as they navigate the educational system. We believe that the likelihood of a successful educational experience is dramatically increased when parents are informed, empowered, and active partners in their child's educational planning.


If you have questions about your child's educational experience please contact us at:  

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Transition and Employment

WHOLE ME works closely with the New York State Department of Education ACCES-VR to provide vocational rehabilitation services for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students transitioning from high school to college or the workforce.  Not only do we work with students, we also coach Deaf adults interested in attending college or seeking gainful employment.

Additional services include:

  • Assistance with applying for ACCES-VR Services

  • Support for adult education and GED classes

  • Job Preparation and Training Workshops

  • Job Placement and Coaching Supports

  • Advocacy and Understanding the ADA

  • Social Security Benefits and Appeal Process

  • Referrals to collaborative agencies

  • Networking with CNY employers about Deaf Culture/Awareness​

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Transition and Employment

Let us know if you would like more information about any of our programs!

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