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Welcome to the
Preschool Program!

Introducing to our 
Preschool Program

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WHOLE ME, Inc. provides programs and services focusing on the whole person; each participant is given an array of opportunities,  including personal and professional skills that will enhance everyday living.  Learn more about our programs here

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Our Preschool Mission

To provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for deaf and hard-of-hearing preschool students through a tailored holistic program that includes education, language acquisition, and accessibility that lay the foundation for learning and social integration.

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Our Programs

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• Inclusive Classroom

• American Sign Language Instruction

• Family Support Network

• Advocacy & Outreach

• Information & Referral

• IEP Support

• Designed Area for Pull-Out Services

  (OT, PT, Speech)

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Contact for more information


Cecelia Clark

Director of Preschool Program | Video Phone (315) 849-0630


Enroll your child

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