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Community Partners

One of our new projects that we have implemented is "Getting to Know Our Community Partners".  The goal of this project is for the Deaf community, as well as other communities that we work with in Central New York and beyond, to become familiar with our community partners and the work they do.  The agencies who work with us are very important to us because we would not be here without their amazing supports! 

Come check out the Community Partners below. Let's get to know them!

Community Partner #1

Community Partner #2

Community Partner Vlog by Dave Staehle 

Camp Mark Seven Director

Community Partner Vlog by Gerry Buckley

President of NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf)

Community Partner #3

Community Partner #4

Community Partner Vlog by Randi Bregman

Executive Director of Vera House

Community Partner Vlog by Danielle Gill Johnson

Central New York Community Foundation

Community Partner #5

Community Partner #6

Community Partner Vlog by Janna Luksha 

National Center for Deaf Health Research (NCDHR)

Community Partner Vlog by Beth Lynn Hoey

Women's Fund of Central New York

Community Partner #7

Community Partner #8

Community Partner Vlog by Mike Mazzaroppi

Syracuse University

Community Partner Vlog by Beth Broadway

InterFaith Works

Community Partner #9

Back to Whole Me CONNECT

Community Partner Vlog by Nancy Eaton

President of United Way of CNY

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