About Whole Me CONNECT

What is Whole Me CONNECT? We want to reach out to all Deaf and hard-of-hearing children and families to remain connected with us during this tough time. We all want to ease this stressful situation and isolation by creating fun virtual activities and education for kids and families. Come join us online! Each team member can provide information/category: School/Tutoring Support, Need to Chat, Joke for the Week, ASL Concept for the Week, etc. Check out every week for new topics. You also can subscribe below and you will get an email notification when new topics come in. 

See you there on internet! Stay safe!


Come take a look online every Friday for brief fun activities!

Idiom of the Week

"Hit the Sack" ASL Idiom by Cecelia and Julian. Click here if you miss previous idioms!

Let's Play The Fun Questions!

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ASL Story of the Week

"The Duckling Gets a Cookie" by Jincy Roberson

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Sign Time with Pam

Time to learn and sign with Pam!

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Comic Relief of the Week

Pizza Chef by Patrick McMullen

Pun of the Week!


Education of the Week

Tick Patrols: Lyme Disease Education by Kaitlyn Guay

#WhyISign of the Week

#WhyISign by Brianna, CODA and her best friend, Marissa.  Click here if you want to know more details or interested in participation of #WhyISign.

Community Partner of the Week

Community Partner Vlog by Gerry Buckley from NTID

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